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Community Square


The place for a great conversation!

For a good conversation you are at the right spot at Community Square. With live ON-AIR talk shows about relevant themes, you're welcome to join in on the conversation. 

One of the subjects of the talkshows on Community Square is the North Sea. In the last few years we see 2 important consequences for both the offshore and the maritime industry. On the one hand, the reduction of offshore oil- and gas extraction, and on the other hand the construction of windparks at sea. These changes affect the infrastructure of the North Sea, the way of working there and the personnel and material necessary on the North Sea.

Another talkshow will cover the transition in shipping. More research is done into autonomous sailing. It's not clear yet how fast we can see a ship sail without crew but it's clear that the subject is interesting for shipowners, shipbuilders and suppliers. What will this mean for nautical and technical personnel in the sector?

There are other interesting developments with consequences for nautical and technical personnel that will be discussed in the 3rd talkshow. In the offshore wind market for example, there is a trend that nautical personnel is filling more and more technical vacancies. 

In the time leading up to MOCE, more details will be revealed about the speakers and exact program at Community Square. Keep checking the website!

If you are interested to be a part of Community Square with your company, do not hesitate to contact us.


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