Van Oord

Schaardijk 211, 3063 NH, Rotterdam


+31 (0)88 8268756


Ms. Joyce Moens

Employer Branding & Research Manager

Van Oord



    • Dredging & Waterbouw
    • Offshore Wind
    • Olie & Gas

Aantal openstaande vacatures: 1-3

Gewenst werk- en denkniveau:

    • MBO
    • HBO
    • WO/TU


    • Student / Stagiair
    • Starter
    • Junior
    • Medior

Gewenste studierichtingen:

    • Economisch
    • ICT
    • QHSE
    • Technisch
    • Varend, Nautisch


Marine Ingenuity
Van Oord is a leading international contractor specializing in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oil, gas and wind). We find innovative solutions designed to meet our clients’ and business partners’ challenges. Marine ingenuity is what sets Van Oord apart. In just two words, we show in the clearest possible terms what we do, how we do it, and what makes us different. A passionate, smart, shrewd, international marine contractor – that is how we see ourselves. Projects that are extensive, complex, and that have preferably never been done before are our strength.

Our employees are the heart of our organisation and make a crucial contribution to the success of the company. Van Oord’s corporate culture is one in which employees are given – and are eager to accept and take – responsibility. We want all our employees to enjoy their work, to work safely, and to feel like part of a team. Working closely with our clients and partners, with respect for each other and the environment, we strive to earn a healthy profit. Our employees enjoy a safe working environment in which they continually embrace opportunities to learn.

We are looking for people to reinforce our team who will not simply apply their knowledge, but enrich the projects with great thinking. Ingenious people visit