Royal IHC - Mix & match to create the most cost efficient solutions

Locatie: Leeuwen Room I
Tijd: 19 April 9:00 - 11:00

09.00 uur

Mix & match to create the most cost efficient solutions

At Royal IHC we continuously explore opportunities to innovate vessel operations for the offshore oil&gas industry.

The current market situation in the offshore oil & gas results in changing strategies for the construction and maintenance of offshore fields, and the vessels and equipment needed for this. Traditionally access to subsea wells is considered more difficult and represents a large cost compared to wells with direct platform access. But with new technological solutions subsea well intervention campaigns will potentially be profitable. Smart campaign approach combined with new technologies will enable the market to perform interventions against lower cost. This will limit the need for new subsea wells and postpone decommissioning of old wells.

In this hands on workshop you will discuss the impact on cost & efficiency of 4 key technological methods of well intervention and assess the important effect several variables have to your campaign offshore.