Case Study STC-KNRM/STC B.V.

Case Study STC-KNRM/STC B.V.




The (in)measurability of safety 

14:00 - 16:00 - Penn Room 2

Safety is number one priority for many companies in the maritime, offshore and offshore wind sector. Many standard standards and procedures have been created. Does this create more safety?
Topics and questions which are subject to this matter. To measure ...... .. and / or ...... to know?
- How do we get to know how safety is organized in our own organization?
- What is the overall vision about how safety is measured?
- Why do we need barriers?

During this two-hour session you and your colleagues will be interactively asked to elucidate your vision on safety. You will be asked to look critically into the way of organizing safety within your organization which will provide new insights.
In short, a real recommendation and eye-opener, a "new" view on safety!

This case study is offered in Dutch. During your registration for MOCE you can sign up for this case study.


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