Case Study Van Oord Logistics of wind turbine installation

Case Study Van Oord


Logistics of wind turbine installation

The Company Case of Van Oord concerns a logistic case about an Offshore Wind project that we will carry out this year. During the preparation of this project a number of logistical problems emerged regarding the transport of equipment. Jackets and piles have to be transported from Spain and Belfast to the port in Vlissingen where they are collected. From Vlissingen the jackets and piles are installed at sea with the help of our Offshore Wind Installation vessels.

During this case you will come up with solutions based on the information we provide. Think of issues such as what is involved in this project, which parts do you need, how many of these components do you need and what do you need to think about to bring this project to a good end.

This case study is offered in English. During your registration for MOCE you can sign up for this case study.


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