Experience Zone

Experience Zone


New this year in MOCE's program is the Experience Zone! This is a central place on the exhibition floor where visitors can not only see but experience the maritime, offshore & energy sector. This way the diversity and future of the industry is presented in another way.

The robots are coming!
They get smarter, cheaper, and more reliable every day. Will robots take over our work? HUBOT shows that there are actually a lot more possibilities to work together. With their robots you will explore new professions in which man and robot work together, in order to help everyone. They will exposure future professions that show you that robots does not just take away jobs, but also offers opportunities and entirely new professions. Take the jobtest at the Experience Zone and find out which HUBOT jobs matches you. 

Also a live painting will be created at MOCE. Congres drawer Norber Vermeer will visualize live a compilation of subjects, quotes and observations that take place during MOCE, while Irma Rademakers collects the input. The drawing will eventually bring the event into view with all the different subjects. See how the drawing is made and who knows, perhaps you can also contribute!

Virtual reality
Also, the TU Delft Solar Boat Team is at the Experience Zone. The TU Delft Solar Boat Team designs and builds boats run by only solar energy. The team that consists completely of students, participates in various contests. With their virtual reality set they will show the design of the 2018 boat, which is being built right now. This way you can experience live the size of the boat and which innovations were made this year.

The Experience Zone is discovered at Rotterdam Hall.

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